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Every year, CareerLabs compiles and updates its list of the most influential people in each industry we cover. This year our list of the most influential people in Social Media includes many of the names one would expect, but it also has a number of rising stars. These professionals influence the social media industry across a variety of fields, including engineering, law, technology, human resources, and finance among others. Though they work in different fields, what they share is perseverance and a passion for growing the industry.

There are few industries as dynamic as Social Media. The constant state of evolution and growth has been a hallmark of the space for many years. We have compiled a list of the largest social media companies on the web as a reference for social media enthusiasts and job seekers interested in conducting career research. The list aims to capture the relevant participants, both past and present.

Breaking into any industry is tough, especially the social media industry. For the benefit of jobseekers we have compiled a list of 14 top executive search firms focusing on placing talented professionals into jobs in finance, marketing, product management, design and engineering fields. This is a valuable resource for those seeking to connect with best-in-class recruiters.